4WD - Carrier

FRV -Fire Rescue Vehicle

Boliden and Björkdalsgruvan have each invested in a machine. We call them FRV - Fire Rescue Vehicle.

The machines are developed to facilitate rapid response to fire in underground mines.

Tailor your own personal carriage!

The carrier is designed modularly and can be tailored to your wishes. Suitable for driving where you need a compact machine with large load capacity and traction without emitting toxic exhaust fumes or driving where a combustion engine would not work. Equip it with a flatbed, a crane or whatever you might need…

Outstanding performance!

Thanks to its extremely powerful twin engines and four-wheel drive, the 4WD-Carrier is able to carry or tow heavy loads on steep slopes on loose ground. Full torque from a stationary guarantee for good maneuverability.

The execution time has been shortened by 80%!

In the picture to the right we see the FRV that was delivered to the Rescue Service Skellefteå. Daniel Haarala, unit manager in Skellefteå, says that the execution time has been shortened by about 80%. It can definitely be the difference between life and death for those waiting for rescue down in the mine. 

Technincal specification

  • Speed: 5km/h
  • Range: <20km
  • Drive: 4×4, differential
  • Standard Features: Automatic parking brake, front and side LED-lights
  • Power: 2x3000W, 24VAC
  • Drive Train: AC motors, differential gears, forward/reverse, 16″ Air filled coarse rubber tyres
  • Brake: Electromechanical
  • Couplings: Rear towing eye
  • Charger included
  • The 4WD-Carrier can be tailored to meet specific customer demands
  • CE-marked

What are your needs?

Equip your 4WD-Carrier to suit your needs! Please contact us for more information.