Safety Winch - SW150

Do you work in confined spaces?

Working in confined spaces is associated with danger to life in the event of an accident. With Safety Winch SW150 you can work safely and smoothly. In addition to the person performing the work, you can winch down your equipment, such as a weld or spare parts.

Swift, safe and smooth! 

Evacuation plan?

Did you know that by law you must have an evacuation plan when working in confined spaces?

Full control with SW150!

With the SW150 and its case, you have all the items in order. All parts have their dedicated place and the assembly instructions are on the cover of the case. 

Safety Winch SW150

  • Max load: 150kg (330lbs)
  • Case included
  • Evacuation Board included
  • Fits most manholes
  • With or without winch and harness
  • Choose between SALA Winch(steelwire) or Harken Winch(rope)
  • CE marked 
  • EC type-approval

"I would never crawl into a manhole without knowing I could get out ...!"

Per Öhman, Nord Access AB, has many years of experience of Rope Access work and works as an educator. When We-Make developed SW150, it was Per who put forward wishes and had ideas.

- “This equipment is very topical because there is often no evacuation plan or appropriate equipment out in the field.

I would never crawl into a manhole without knowing that I could get out if something unexpected would happen! ”

Fits most common carabiners!

Reach ´N`Hook is so smartly designed that it fits most common carabiners. Just place the carabiner with the rope through, hook in an anchorage point and pull loose!

Tired of not reaching the next anchorage point?

It can be both frustrating and difficult when you do not reach the next anchorage point. With Reach`N`Hook you can reach 5m(16,4ft). A distance that at critical times can be the difference between life and death!

Reach`N`Hook is suitable both for the climbing amateur and for professionals in the daily work. Hook it into your belt and carry the range with you. 

  • Telescopic aluminum shaft 1-5m (3-16,4 ft)
  • Holes for hooking into your belt
  • Fits most carabiners
  • Easy to use

The Reach`N´Hook head fits standard Ettore shaft with double sprung locking pins.