"The new wardrobe gives us completely new possibilities!"

Hans Falkstråle, Manager at Umeå Community House

- The idea with the new wardrobe was to be able to dispose of the space that the wardrobe occupies for other activities when it is not in use. Because you can freely choose which sections you want to use, you can have smaller closets for smaller events. The new wardrobe gives us completely new possibilities!

Tailored to match your requirements!

Of course, we can adapt designs and geometries to your specific wishes. CE marked, designed and dimensioned according to current regulations. Turn-key delivery, assembled and tested.

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We-Make can deliver a solution that will free up floor space completely tailored to suit your needs. Wardrobes, furniture groups, benches or other accessories can be easily and safely lifted from the floor and instead stored under the ceiling. The possibilities are many to use your space to the maximum. The equipment is CE marked and tested before handover.